10 Reasons to Get a Google Business View Photo Shoot

July 8, 2017
Here are 10 reasons you should get a Google Business View shoot:
  1. Potential customers, clients, or patients want to know what your place looks like. If it’s a nice environment, it can be a selling point.  But even an dingy little hovel can have a certain charm, and it’s usually wise to let people know what they’re in for.
  2. The photo shoot may encourage more people to click through to your Places page or website. It shows up in your knowledge graph and in the Maps tab.
  3.  It may be a ranking factor.
  4. The “See inside” view is front-and-center when you view the Google Places page on a smartphone.
  5. You can embed the photo shoot on your site.
  6. You get 10 or more professionally-taken still photos.
  7. Someone else is taking the time to take photos. That saves you time – especially if you’re picky about your photos.  To take good photos is rarely quick or easy, because it’s a numbers game.
  8. You can reuse the still shots elsewhere
  9. Google Trusted Photographers often have other online-marketing skills, so especially if you like the photo shoot and them personally you can probably get their help in other areas.  It’s also possible you could get a link and/or a citation from the photographer.